About Listings In Lakewood.com

ListingsInLakewood.com was created to fill a void. By combining affordable advertising with something of interest to everyone, we set out to create the first online marketplace serving the Lakewood community.

More than just another directory, on Listings In Lakewood you will find listings for real estate, apartment rentals, jobs, services and goods for sale.

We would like to invite you to peruse the L.I.L. community forums with topics including, but not limited to…

Gadgets & Technology, E-Commerce, Trips & Vacation planning, Finance & Insurance, In The Kitchen, Shopping/Bargains, Cars, What’s New Around Town, Torah & Inspiration, and of course, a place just to shmooze.

Our filters make it easy to find what you are looking for, and with photos in the listings, decision making just got easier.

No more browsing through irrelevant classifieds, listings and advertisements to find the service or item you need, or waiting a week for the new magazine to come out.

Our listings are constantly being updated so be sure to check back often.

Come browse the L.I.L. recipe blog or the community forums, where you are the answer to someone’s question.

We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line to let us know what you think or just to say hello.

By combining affordable advertising with something of interest to everyone, our goal is to be Lakewood’s online marketplace.

Our Mission Statement


Yes, you can edit your listing and change whatever needs to be changed.

Yes. Once you purchase a listing package, you are free to utilize it until it expires.

As a website catering to Lakewood’s Jewish community, all content must be in accordance with halacha. This includes all photos. We reserve the right to remove anything we deem as being against halacha. If you are unsure, please contact us before posting.

The banner ads will be displayed within each individual listing in the category you choose.

Not yet but we’re working on it.