Amazing Chicken Recipe


I guess you can say that the name says it all. The cooking wine makes the chicken very moist and adds delicious flavor, as well. The chicken has a gourmet appearance with a less than 10 minute prep time. Now if that’s not amazing, what is????


Cutlets-cut into small pieces

1 tsp olive oil

1 cube frozen garlic

2 tbs sautéed onion (this is where those frozen bags of onions would come in handy)

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup marsala cooking wine

1 tsp of paprika, salt and pepper


Mix all ingredients, besides for the wine, and spread over the chicken. Pour the wine over and cover the pan. Bake at 350º for 45 minutes.


*Plan Ahead

This recipe can be frozen ready made, and just needs to be reheated when serving.


Happy cooking,


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  • M
    02/14/2019 at 12:09 PM

    My mouth is watering already!! Cant wait to try this next amazing recipe!
    Thank you for upgrading our supper menu 🙂

  • RaizyJ
    02/18/2019 at 10:23 AM

    Yum! i look forward to these recipes every week.

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